Getting Started with Spirent TestCenter (5.07)

Doc ID    DOC10032
Version:    58.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    02/20/2020
Created Date:    07/21/2011


Getting Started with Spirent TestCenter provides hardware set up, software installation, and licensing instructions for customers who are receiving and installing a new Spirent TestCenter system or new hardware.

Summary of Installation Procedures:
Procedure 1: Check System Requirements
Procedure 2: Verify Contents of Shipment
Procedure 3: Install Spirent TestCenter Software
Procedure 4: Chassis and Appliance Firmware Support
Procedure 5: Perform Cable Connections
Procedure 6: Install the Ferrite Block
Procedure 7: Connect Power
Procedure 8: Set the Chassis IP Address
Procedure 9: Confirm the Ethernet Link
Procedure 10: Use Authenticate mode (optional)
Procedure 11: Obtain Your License Key
Procedure 12: Connect to a DUT/SUT
Appendix Install and Configure a Spirent LabServer
Appendix Spirent TestCenter Upgrade/Downgrade Procedures

identify chassis controller version, Equipment View window,  Authenticate Mode, license key, EMI guidelines, Install Spirent TestCenter Software, 32-bit and 64-bit applications, Cable Connections, chassis front panel, chassis back panel, chassis power, ferrite block, AC power, DC power, SPT-C50, Changing the Default IP Address, Setting the IP Address, using SSH, Netmask and Gateway Values, License Entitlement ID (LEI), Configure  Run Tests

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Getting Started with Spirent TestCenter (5.07)


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