Spirent TestCenter Virtual Quick Start Guide QEMU (5.07)

Doc ID    DOC10293
Version:    19.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    02/20/2020
Created Date:    11/07/2011


Procedures to guide the first-time user from installation through running a simple Layer 3 traffic test using Spirent TestCenter Virtual on the QEMU platform. Contents include:
  • Virtual Controller Setup
  • Refer to the following guides for detailed instructions on how to set up these types of Virtual Controllers, and how to install the Virtual Licenses on the Virtual Controllers:
    • Spirent TestCenter™ Virtual Controller Set up Guide
    • Spirent Virtual Controller – VM (USB dongle or UUID versions) Quick Start Guide 
  • Virtual Controller Configuration
  • Spirent TestCenter Virtual — QEMU Set up & Installation
  • Configuring a Spirent TestCenter Virtual Machine
  • Spirent TestCenter GUI changes for Spirent TestCenter Virtual Ports

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Spirent TestCenter Virtual Quick Start Guide QEMU (5.07)


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