Spirent Customer Service Center: What more do I get by logging-in to the CSC?

Doc ID    FAQ11168
Version:    8.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    02/15/2018
Created Date:    12/09/2011


The Spirent Customer Service Center offers a wide variety of content prior to signing in-- we offer this as a convenience for the thousands of users that use our site weekly. We do encourage anyone that has an account on the CSC to sign in at the CSC Home Page (how do I sign in?). If you don't yet have an account, follow these simple steps to create a new account.

Signing in opens up additional content and features not available to the general public, including these exclusive-to-customer features:

  • Increased access to Knowledge Base content such as FAQs, solutions and tech bulletins: We've reserved some of our helpful content and articles for our customers.
  • Downloads of software and firmware updates: The downloads tab is not enabled until after sign in. We also have more details on downloads in the KB.
  • Free access to most product training: We have moved Spirent Campus onto the CSC, and there are hundreds of training materials, including videos and detailed guides to help you make the most of your Spirent investment.
  • Personalization: You can personalize the site to focus on the products relevant to you, such as the products you use or the products you're considering purchasing.
  • Access to product documentation: Nearly all product documentation, including for the latest releases of hardware and software, become available after sign in.
  • Product specific applications: Access to a growing and diverse set of applications specific to certain product lines (e.g. Positioning Technologies, Service Assurance).
  • Subscriptions: If there is a topic or document you're interested in keeping track of, subscribe to it. Here's how to make the most of CSC subscriptions.
  • The ability to open new service requests (Cases or SRs) with Spirent: Only customers with a current support contract can open up new service requests from Spirent Support Services. To do this, login at the CSC home page and click the "Open a Service Request" link on the right, or read more about opening SRs.
  • Case management: You can also view all the Cases you've ever filed with Spirent on the "Cases" tab once you've signed in. The list is sortable, as discussed in this FAQ.
  • Access to Release Notes, PCNs, and Product Updates details: Get the latest details on our updated products on the CSC

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