Lumos/STCLive Probe: Why is test attempt failing with "CIR EXCEEDS LIMIT. RETRY LATER."?

Doc ID    FAQ18026
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/11/2017


Lumos/STCLive Probe - all versions
Lumos/STCLive T&D - all versions


This indicates that your test will cause the maximum bandwidth available by the Probe to be exceeded.  Likely this is because other users are running tests and the addition of your CIR to the current usage will exceed the probe's limit.  You can see who is running tests from T&D - Utilities - Admin - System Status - Services Under Test.  Decreasing the CIR of your test may allow it to run, or you can wait for the current tests to complete their task and try again

Additionally, the comm log from your test attempt will show the output to the command "RTRV-COND-TST:::CTAG;" (or command can be ran manually to the probe's TL1 interface).  This output (example below) includes CIR column which can be added up to show the current bandwidth allocated by the existing tests.
If you find the current bandwidth being used plus the additional bandwidth you requested should not exceed the maximum bandwidth of the probe, the probe is mis-configured.  To resolve:
  1. Connect to 7010 port of probe.
  2. Issue: "RTRV-ATTR-EQPT:::CTAG;"
    • Note the TOTALCIR and TOTALKFPS settings.
    • For 7531 settings are: "TOTALCIR=1000  TOTALKFPS=1489".
    • For 7521 settings are: "TOTALCIR=10000  TOTALKFPS=14881".
    • For 7561 settings are: "TOTALCIR=100000  TOTALKFPS=148810".
  3. If you find the settings are incorrect, correct by:
  4. Stop all tests to probe including ADDR-LPBK and TWAMP-SERVER.
  5. Connect to 7010 port of probe.
    • Where xxxx is the TOTALCIR and yyyy is the TOTALKFPS for the type of probe.
  8. Issue: INIT-SYS:::CTAG::4;
  9. Done.

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