Spirent TestCenter: How to setup large scale OTA Wi-Fi testing

Doc ID    FAQ19299
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/04/2020
Created Date:    07/24/2020


  • C50-KIT-11AX-6
    • supports up to 56 radio ports
    • Build 5.11 GA
    • There are serveral ways, below are just a few


  • 40 antenna connection method
    • directly connected would fail due to the proximity of the antenna's
    • requires 2 - 3-foot separation 

    • Due to the way the radios are built you need to configure them  in pairs
    • Standard configuration with radio's and  4:1 combiners
    • This setup is all RF cabled with RF chamber and the DUT (AP) is also connected with RF cables inside a RF chamber.

    • This is OTA setup inside a chamber, where antennas are mounted inside the chamber, and AP has antennas too

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