DatumBase: Why can't I create a UDP Test-Set for 1 Gbps?

Doc ID    KNI15076
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    10/09/2017
Created Date:    09/27/2017


Saving UDP Test-Set results in an Error: "Max Segment Size must be between 32 and 1454"


  • DatumBase
  • All UDP tests that require Max Segment Size larger than 1454


  1. Create the Test Set with all of the parameters except Max Segment Size
  2. Save the Test Set
  3. Click Download XML
  4. In a text editor of your choice (do not use Word), open the XML file downloaded
  5. Find keyword - "maxSegmentSize" and change the value to the desired value.  For example, for a Max Segment size of 65507 it should read:  maxSegmentSize="65507"
  6. Save the file
  7. Delete the Test Set that was just created from DatumBase (In edit screen, select the Test Set and click Delete Test Sets)
  8. Upload the Test Set that you just modified (using either the Drag & Drop feature or the button to browse to the file)

Root Cause

Future release of DatumBase will correct the validation to allow Max Segment Size entries larger than 1454

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