Spirent Temeva : Why can all vendors see each other ?

Doc ID    KNI15139
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    11/10/2017
Created Date:    11/08/2017


Customer evaluating Temeva/MethodologyCenter in a multi-client environment with their vendors (Huawei, Radisys) and uses the workspace concept to separate the vendors.
At login, all vendors can see other participating vendors. Can this somehow be prevented (user has to type in company url themselves)?


  • Temeva
  • MethodologyCenter
  • Multi-client environment


We just pushed this feature to production and updated the customer org to start using his. Users will now see this sign-in screen:

To control whether you can see the domains on the sign-in screen, an admin can change the setting via the “Edit Email Domains” dialog available in the cog menu on the main toolbar:

The Create Account and Forgot Password pages have also been updated to hide the domain list.

There were also changes made to the Temeva On-Prem setup and activation files in order to hide the list of available domains. Admins would see all the domains. Non admin users would not.


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