Spirent Temeva : Why can I not change user profile in the user management section ?

Doc ID    KNI15140
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    11/08/2017


Our customer is evaluating Temeva/MethodologyCenter in a multi-client environment with their vendors (Huawei, Radisys) and is using the workspace concept to separate the vendors.
When assigning the user to the workspace, the user data (which company he belongs to) is deficient.
Cannot change user profiles (first name, last name cannot be saved).
Would this be something covered by user handling via LDAP as planned?


  • Temeva
  • MethodologyCenter
  • User profile
  • User management


You cannot edit user data via the Workspace Manager.  Keep in mind that you can easily assign users to a workspace via the user management page.
We are using Monotonous Design principles for the majority of our UX designs which basically means that we don’t allow users to do the same things in multiple places.  Doing so is confusing, hard to remember and increases cognitive load.
However, we do add some shortcuts from time to time.  For instance, while the Workspace Manager is used to create new workspaces and edit all workspace properties, it’s nice to be able to quickly assign existing workspaces to users when creating new user accounts, without having to navigate to the Workspace Manager.  Therefore, we added that functionality in the user management dialog:

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