Spirent Temeva : Why PPPoE Server cannot be switched off and BW Setting is not working ?

Doc ID    KNI15146
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    11/09/2017


This issue is related to an evaluation of Temeva MethodologyCenter at our customer.
Our customer together with their Vendor had issues using PPPoE Session Scale testing in a setup with 8 ports 10G (on MX2), 16k sessions and 80G traffic.
They cannot disable pppoe server on the server side and cannot set interface BW higher than 10%


  • Temeva
  • MethodologyCenter
  • PPPoE


Engineering thinks that the issue is caused because customer is trying to load a test which was created a previous version of MC and the new package which was given is not backward compatible. Here is what they suggested.
1.            “Recreate the test using the new package, save it, load it, modify it, and save it again to see if changes to the mentioned parameters take effect.  I suspect that since we did a non-backwards compatible patch of the methodology package, the UI may not know how to handle new (or old) meta data.
2.            Restart the webapp and load the saved test.  The webapp can be restarted by SSHing into the application VM, going into the container, and restarting the mc app service.  This may be necessary if the webapp cached the meta data of the older methodology package and should be done/should have been done when the patch was manually applied via “Import Methodology.”  Note that if we used a special MC build with the newer package instead of a manual patch, this step should not be necessary."

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