Spirent TestCenter: How to show each direction max throughput in RFC2544 test result.

Doc ID    KNI15957
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/31/2020
Created Date:    03/17/2020


When testing RFC2544 with bi-directional traffic, RFC2544 test shows the sum of bi-direction max throughput instead of showing max throughput on each direction.
The question here is if it’s possible to run the RFC2544 test but just each direction max throughput separately?


  • RFC2544
  • Bi-directional traffic
  • max throughput 
  • Throughput test.


On the RFC 2544 – Configure Traffic Wizard, under “Configure Traffic” section, you can select “Use existing stream blocks or create new stream blocks for the test”, then under Traffic Wizard > Frame Size section, you can select “One path per stream block”.
On that way, you will see max throughput for each "direction"


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