Spirent TestCenter: Traffic is not being received by Spirent TestCenter Ports.

Doc ID    KNI16140
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    06/19/2020


A customer deployed 3 virtual chassis (STCv) on azure, each one on different location (2 of them in Brazil and 1 in USA) and they wanted to run traffic between them 3 first to validate the traffic is passing through, and so then, they can run a RFC2544 and check for latency and throughput values between the 3 chassis.

ARP within STC devices was resolving fine, the customer was able to SSH into all of the STCv chassis deployed and ping each other from console, however when running traffic, TX counters were incrementing but RX counters remained in 0, the traffic was not being received back.


  • Simple traffic test
  • RFC2544 
  • RX=0
  • Traffic not being received


  • Firewall issue, firewall was blocking the traffic.
    • After checking with their firewall team the traffic passed and they can start their tests.

Root Cause

  • Customer's firewall blocking traffic

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