Spirent Landslide 15.0 Release Available For Download

Doc ID    NWS10084
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    09/19/2016
Created Date:    09/19/2016


Landslide 15.0 is now available for download on the Spirent customer support website.

New applications like M2M and IoT are driving massive scale increases in the number of connected devices.  Innovative voice, video and data services are driving demand for ever increasing bandwidth.  In response NEMs and Carriers are developing and deploying Mobile Core, Wi-Fi Offload and Diameter networks capable of faster connections and higher scale.

In this spirit of innovation Spirent’s Landslide 15.0 release includes over 100 new features and upgrades for testing: Mobile Core, Wi-Fi Roaming, Diameter, IMS, Charging, Voice over Everything (3G, LTE, Wi-Fi), Video (Calling & eMBMS), Location Services, IoT/M2M, Mobile Routers and Virtual.


Landslide Virtual Test Server Upgrade
The 15.0 release adds support for DPDK and SR-IOV to Landslide’s Virtual Test Servers. Leveraging these technologies customers are seeing data throughput increases up to 4X!

Landslide E10
The Landslide E10, a small form factor test platform, was released in 14.6. Release 15.0 enables standalone mode, which combines the test server and test manager on a single E10. The standalone mode is ideal for benchtop, desktop, and remote testing. While it may be small in size, it has the power to support the traditional Landslide lab test applications, as well as Landslide EDGE for live network testing.

This release enhances Landslide’s leading Wi-Fi offload test solution with the ability to test Web Authentication over GRE (RF and CAPWAP already supported). For the RF interfaces the ability to scan the RF environment during test configuration to select the BSSID across a range of test servers has been added. This makes configuring RF based roaming scenarios much easier.

Small Cell Emulation
Release 15.0 adds many features and scenarios for 3G and LTE small cell gateway testing and emulation, including small cell to macro cell mobility and intra-small cell gateway mobility. In order to facilitate this testing, a HeNB Gateway node emulator is now available.

IE Validation Tool
This release introduces an all new IE Validation Tool for Landslide. The tool validates both sent and received IE and AVP values and is able to catch incorrect or malformed messages. The tool works with either as part of a Landslide test or on PCAP files.


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