Spirent Landslide 16.0 Release Available For Download

Doc ID    NWS10103
Version:    15.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    11/14/2017
Created Date:    09/14/2017


Landslide 16.0 is now available for download on the Spirent customer support website.
Building on the previous release that introduced 16 X 10G line rate testing, 16.0 adds new protocols and additional test cases for the Fireball high-performance data mode.  This release also has many new platform enhancements including a new IPsec Accelerator, the U1 Over-The-Air LTE Module, and SIM Server support. 

Get all the details — Landslide 16.0 Release


Fireball High Performance Data
Landslide is keeping up with the Joneses and the Smiths and everyone else who’s using their mobile for data applications like video streaming, photo and video file transfers, browsing etc. 16.0 adds support for TCP and RTP VoLTE. 
So how much more data can I generate you ask? Customers with the new C100-M4 platform are seeing a 10X increase in RTP streams for VoLTE call scenarios.

U1 LTE OTA Module for E10
Like your favorite millennial, Landslide has cut the cord! With the new U1 module Landslide now supports LTE Over-the-Air tests. The module emulates a single LTE UE and supports a wide range of LTE bands.  Up to four U1s can be controlled by the Landslide E10 and conveniently snap into the new top plate.  This new functionality enables true end-to-end test scenarios as well as isolation of the eNodeB


SIM Server Support
Landslide started working with real SIM cards in 15.0, but since then customers have been asking for more SIMs! 16.0 gives these customers over 400 reasons to upgrade. Landslide MME Nodal test case can now use a local or remote SIM server for individual UE authentication to the network. Up to 416 physical SIMs can be mapped to the Landslide emulated UEs

All over the globe, carriers are enhancing their business-class mobile solutions to take advantage of new IoT modes. Landslide now supports using the Diameter protocol to transfer NB-IoT and CAT-M non-IP data messages and can now emulate an SCEF node and its Diameter interfaces to the MME and an HSS.

Content Caching Testing
Including a content caching function as part of a mobile gateway or as a function in a service chain is becoming common place in mobile networks. This release adds the ability to serve JPEG files to test these functions.


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