Spirent Landslide 16.2 Release Available For Download

Doc ID    NWS10106
Version:    20.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    10/30/2017
Created Date:    10/24/2017


Landslide 16.2 is now available for download on the Spirent customer support website.
Building on the initial Fireball release that introduced 16 X 10G line rate testing, 16.2 adds the ability to send multiple simultaneous data types. On the platform side, there is a new Wave 2 Wi-Fi option available when ordering the E10; and the Small Virtual Test Server has been optimized to fit into an even smaller foot print.

Get all the details - Landslide 16.2 Release
Fireball High Performance Data
16.2 is the third release of Landslide's new High-Performance Data mode which is available on both physical and virtual Test Servers. This release adds the ability to mix Fireball data flows.
Want to combine voice, video RTP with UDP and TCP data? And transmit it all simultaneously from the same UE? And transmit at high data rates? It's no problem with Landslide!
Catch the Wave 2
The Landslide E10 has a new hardware option which emulates up to 64 802.11AC Wave 2 Over-The-Air clients and includes 4x4 MIMO and MU-MIMO. Multiple Wave 2 E10s can be controlled by a C50 or C100 Test Manager to provide spatially-diverse, over-the-air, synchronized MU-MIMO testing of MU-MIMO APs. Great for R&D and turn-up testing.
Bigger isn't always better - Landslide's Small VM gets even smaller
Sometimes you just need to do a functional test and don't want to use up all your resources just for testing. Landslide's Small VM now has a much smaller footprint and can deploy on a single core. It uses less resources and still delivers all of Landslide's Mobile Core, Wi-Fi core, Diameter and IMS test and emulation features.
All over the globe, carriers are enhancing their business-class mobile solutions to take advantage of new IoT modes. The 16.0 release added support for non-IP data messages for NB-IoT and CAT-M and SCEF node emulation. 16.2 adds more realism with true Loose Sync Timing for eDRX for NB-IoT.
Voice, Video, Messaging and IMS
16.2 is the 17th release for Voice and IMS on Landslide. This release adds many enhancements for VoLTE including support for the Session Loading test type and VoLTE Wireless Priority Service.


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