Velocity 7.3 Now Available!

Doc ID    NWS10191
Version:    3.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    05/13/2019
Created Date:    04/01/2019


Velocity 7.3 Release Announcement
Velocity is a key component of Spirent’s differentiated, full function Lab as a Service platform (LaaS).  Velocity ensures the lab resources needed by developers, testers, pre- and post-sales support teams are available in a consistent and automated on-demand basis. Just as importantly, Velocity provides actionable management information to executives regarding resource utilization, testing and engineering efficiency. 
Following the Velocity 7.2 release, 7.3 has great new functionalities that enhance usability, such as better dashboarding and analytics capabilities. We have added integration with Software Defined Networking (SDN) for lab topologies allowing administrators to define custom arguments required by their SDN controller. The integration between iTest and Velocity is strengthening in 2019, and this release brings even more new capabilities.

SDN Network Resources and Driver Extensions Velocity 7.3 enables you to harness the flexibility and programmability of SDNwith an intuitive Graphical User Interface. It enables flexible modelling of the network and the connectivity definition of the network layer. This key feature enables Enterprises and Service Providers to respond to the rise of On-Demand networking.
Resource Utilization Dashboards Dashboards enable a deep view into how lab resources are being used and provide the ability to predict what is needed for upcoming projects and view of current usage for DUTs and lab infrastructure. In 7.3, users are able to dive into more specific information on how exactly the lab is being used, so they can plan and see where growth is coming from, which groups are using the lab most and how to plan expansion.
SMART Inventory Management Velocity is the portal to the lab, ensuring equipment is available and ready for use 24/7. With the SMART Inventory Management capabilities in 7.3, users can realize testbeds in a requested state as quickly as possible.
TaaS Analytics Continuous testing is an essential component of DevOps and Agile software development. In the process, continuous test produces a massive data lake of measurements. DevOps teams recognize that this data lake is valuable, but processing the data becomes another full-time job for engineering staff. At some point, it becomes necessary to actually create automation to analyze the results from test automation!  
Velocity 7.3 delivers TaaS Analytics to provides test campaign visibility to the entire development team. TaaS analytics provides visibility, trend analysis, and correlation across every test run performed within a continuous test (CT) pipeline to engineering management and all members within a DevOps team. 
Velocity iSite In Stream Interactive Tap Environment (iSite) is a new, powerful, integration point for Velocity in today's modern DevOps toolchains. iSite provides a "tap" into Velocity's Open Kafka Test Execution Message Bus, allowing users to trigger builds and/or messages to the DevOps teams on each meaningful test event during the continuous test cycle. iSite streams vital test information to Kafka topic listeners in real time, providing a tightly integrated system of inter-connected tools in today's DevOps toolchains. 
More FREE Developer Resources Spirent provides the Developer Community GitHub site.  Get your projects off the ground even faster now! You’ll find Velocity drivers, dashboards, startup/teardown and triggered automation tasks.
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