Velocity 8.0 Now Available!

Doc ID    NWS10229
Version:    2.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    10/21/2019
Created Date:    10/21/2019


Velocity 8.0 Release Announcement
Velocity is a key component of Spirent’s differentiated, full function Lab as a Service platform (LaaS).  Velocity ensures that lab resources are available on an automated on-demand basis. It provides actionable information on resource utilization, testing and engineering efficiency, all critical for management and executive decision making.
Velocity 8.0 follows the Velocity 7.3 release and adds new features and functionalities. The newly refactored adaptive resource model enables a richer representation of your lab infrastructure. Activity Catalog helps to easily document your workflows, and Git integration helps to effortlessly add source control to your automation content. The synergy from the iTest-Velocity integration has produced many new capabilities. This release has many; and many more are to follow in future releases. Here is a list of some salient features and benefits in Velocity 8.0 release.

Adaptive Resource Modeling 8.0 represents a major structural change to the way Velocity can model relationships between resources.  This capability enables customers to hierarchically relate resources to better represent their lab in Velocity.
Activity Catalog Velocity 8.0 enables you to create documented workflows to common user activities. Workflows can be defined in searchable Activity pages that contain detailed instructions, including images and links. Users can quickly reserve and release test assets from the Activity View.
API Monitor Velocity 8.0 provides API utilization metrics, which allows admins to identify performance bottlenecks by visualizing API usage. Customers can use this functionality to scale their Velocity instances. API Monitor is part of  the Analytic Visualization capability for test campaigns and resource utilization.
Git Integration Continuous Integration is an essential component of DevOps and Agile software development. Velocity Git Source Control Management provides seamless automation content uploads.  Never has it been easier to get TaaS content into Velocity. 
More FREE Developer Resources Spirent provides the Developer Community GitHub site.  Get your projects off the ground even faster now! You’ll find Velocity drivers, dashboards, startup/teardown and triggered automation tasks.
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