Avalanche automation: CPU Core Statistics

Doc ID    SOL13515
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    06/20/2017


During the runtime, you can obtain CPU core statistics using the av::subscribe command to subscribe to individual core statistics.


  • Avalanche Commander version 4.56 and newer
  • Tcl automation


  • The following example subscribes to the desiredLoadSpecCount statistic for the cores:
set rdsClientInfo [av::subscribe client {loadspec,desiredLoadSpecCount@cores}]
  • You can also use a wildcard character (*) to subscribe to all loadspec statistics, as in the following
    Example: set rdsClientInfo [av::subscribe client {loadspec,*@cores}]
  • Next, you get the statistics and save them to an array:
    set rdoInfo [av::get $rdsClientInfo -resultdataobjects]
    array set statsArray [av::get $rdoInfo]
  • Finally, you obtain the per-core statistic based on the device’s IP address and port group, as in the following examples:
    (Note: The format is ip/slot/portGroup:index, and index is zero-relative. )
    puts $statsArray(-loadspec,desiredLoadSpecCount@
    puts $statsArray(-loadspec,desiredLoadSpecCount@

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