GSS6425: System will not shut down when controlled from web interface or front panel

Doc ID    SOL13544
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    09/05/2017


  • This article provides a solution for the situation where the GSS6425 will not respond to the shut down command when controlled via the web interface or using the button on the front panel


  • Occassionally the internal micro controller experience a crash after dormant periods


  1. Hard reset can be achieved by pressing the power button and the backspace button together until all the LED's  illuminate
  2. If this method does not shut the unit down the only option is to disconnect the power supply and allow the unit to run down the battery.
  3. Once the battery is discharged reconnect the power supply and allow the battery to charge up again to 100%
  4. Turn the unit on and normal control should be resumed
  • It is recommended that the latest firmware is installed, check the customer service center website for the latest available firmware download


  • GSS6425

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