TTworkbench: How to download TTsuite-VOTER and VOTER Binaries?

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Version:    2.0
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Published date:    01/25/2018
Created Date:    08/31/2017


You need to login in our Customer Service Center at


TTworkbench 32/64 Bit, Microsoft Windows/Linux


Go to Spirent’s Customer Service Center at and download these products:
  • TTsuite-VOTER     (the test platform required to run the test cases)
  • VOTER Binaries   (the adaptation and project settings required to connect to DUT)
  • TTworkbench       (the runnable jar files of the test suite)

1. Login at Spirent’s CSC

In case you are not registered yet, go to and fill in the registration form.
Contact the support team to check your data and notify you about your approval.
To ensure fast response times, please mention TTworkbench in every request subject.

Afterwards, you will be able to login and to use the download app tab on the left side.

2. Select the release type Controlled Release.
Select the Product Line TTworkbench, download your TTsuite-VOTER and VOTER Binaries and save them in your preferred directory.


3. To download TTworkbench and related products, select the release type General Release, select the product line TTworkbench and filter for categories and operating system. Download the purchased TTworkbench version and the TTplugin-TTmex.

In case you do not have any valid license,  please contact us at



In case no TTsuite download is available, contact the support team to get the download permission for your TTsuite. 
To ensure fast response times, please mention TTworkbench in every request subject.

More information about Spirent’s CSC registration and TTworkbench download can be found here.

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