VisionWorks T&D: How do I control password restrictions for users?

Doc ID    SOL14127
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/01/2019


This document describes how to control the rules for user's password.  Items such as number of characters required, characters that must be used, and characters that are allowed to be used can be controlled.


VisionWorks T&D 11.000 and later.


The password rules are controlled in T&D Admin - System Management Password Rules.  The rules use standard regular expressions.  Information on regular expressions is available from a wide variety of sources.  Here are some sites that discuss regular expressions.

The password rules can be modified, deleted, and new rules can be added as required.  
To modify or delete a current rule, highlight the line and choose modify or delete as needed.  
To add a new rule, choose New and add the required information including the regular expression.

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