VisionWorks Classic T&D: How can I find what test types are being ran and how many are being ran?

Doc ID    SOL14145
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    08/28/2019


Provide example SQL statements that can be used in "dbaccess metro" to identify types of tests being ran and how many.


VisionWorks Classic T&D


The usage_statistics and tr_test_type tables in the metro database (dbaccess) can be used to identify the different tests that are being ran and how many.
The test_type column is found in both the tr_test_types and usage_statistics tables and provides way to associate a test_type number to the type of test that was ran.
Example query to see all of the different types of tests available:
In dbaccess metro:
select * from tr_test_types;
The test_name column has the names of the different types of tests.
Example query to find the types of tests ran and how many of each test was ran between August 18 2019 and August 24 2019:
In dbaccess metro:
select tr_test_type.test_name, usage_statistics.test_type, 
count(*) from usage_statistics, tr_test_type
tr_test_type.test_type = usage_statistics.test_type
and usage_statistics.start_time >= datetime(2019-08-18) year to day 
and usage_statistics.start_time <= datetime(2019-08-24) year to day
group by usage_statistics.test_type, tr_test_type.test_name;
Example query to find how many RFC 2544 tests were ran on August 26:
In dbaccess metro:
step 1:  
select * from tr_test_types;
This will list out all of the different types of test. From this output we find STC Live RFC 2544 Test is test_type 27.
step 2: 
select count(*) from usage_statistics where test_type = 27
and start_time >= datetime(2019-08-26) year to day
and start_time < datetime(2019-08-27) year to day;

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