Spirent TestCenter: How to find the TCP or UDP port number a DUT does not forward?

Doc ID    SOL14203
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    11/18/2019


  • To find the TCP or UDP port number a DUT doesn't forward (drops) on a Spirent Signature stream with random port values and a single stream ID.


  • Tested with v5.03.


  • Since the objective is to find the TCP/UDP port values that is dropped by the DUT, the randomness is not needed for this isolation.
  • Set config to cover all TCP/UDP port values (0 to 65535).
    • can use Increment/decrement with a range
    • can use shuffle with a range
    • can use list
  • Set the modifier to "Use Streams"
    • Each port value need to tied to a single stream ID
    • This will change the streamblock to have multiple stream IDs instead of a single stream ID and multiple flows 
  • Set the Dead streams DRV
    • Customize this DRV and add the UDP or TCP columns.
      • when looking for these columns, look for the config tab
      • note that these port values will be what is being sent

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