REACT: How can I build a Foreign Test Set that opens Firefox?

Doc ID    SOL14272
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/12/2020


Show how to build a Foreign Test Set.


REACT 7.000


1) Create a Comm Link.  The values used are not important as it is not used.
2) Create a Network Element using Target Identifier name as required, Vendor = OTHER, Model = DCS_OTHER.  Defaults for other parameters.
3) Create a Test Link using Target Identifier name as required, Vendor = OTHER, Model = TESTSET_OTHER, Mode = FOREIGN_APPLICATION, Application = "C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox.exe"  (include the double quotes), Platform = PC, Comm Link ID = comm link created in step 1.
4) Create a Test Link using Northbound values of TID = Target Identifier in Step 2, Vendor = OTHER, Model = DCS_OTHER; Southbound values of TID = Target Identifier in Step 3, Vendor = OTHER, Model = TESTSET_OTHER.  For Rate and Type select values to match the rate of circuit under test (such as Rate = DS1, Type = FAD for DS1 circuits).  Defaults for rest of values.

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