Spirent TestCenter: Chassis and Ports goes offline after running SNTtc scripts.

Doc ID    SOL14278
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/20/2020


Chassis and Ports are going offline and have network connection issues, when the customer is using SNTtc scripts. This article explains the reason and possible fix for it.


  • Spirent TestCenter Chassis N11U - Probably any version, confirmed 4.66
  • SNTtc -4.66


The main issue was that the script that was being used, did not had the "clear config" command to release the ports after /  before the rest was run for the first time.

While the ports are in reserved state and the config file is run for the second time(The config file has configs to create port and reserve them), it ends up creating some offline ports and this error is seen.
When "clear config” command is added to the config file, the ports are being released and available to re-run the script multiple times.


Image showing how the error appeared.

Errors found in the logs

            20/02/29 09:16:14.087 FATAL 3668966208 - user.rpc             - Lost connection to port //  Please check connection and network condition.
            20/02/29 09:16:15.143 FATAL 2241801024 - user.rpc             - Lost connection to test module 1 port group 3.  Please check connection and network condition


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