Spirent TestCenter: Virtual - Traffic is not passing through and even ARP is failing.

Doc ID    SOL14333
Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    06/29/2020


Attempting to send test streams with VLAN tags out of virtual spirent vmware instance and they are failing.Tried a ping from gateway to any Spirent device and was unsuccessful, however, ping to any other device (no STC) on the same vswitch as the STC virtual machine is, was working.

Generally speaking not able to get ARP resolved for STC devices hence the traffic was not being received back to the Spirent.


  • STC Virtual
  • Any Version
  • Start MAC Learning on All Ports


  1. Verify the  “Use Source MAC address from Physical Interface” option under devices is checked
  2. Then, under “All Device” section select “Start MAC Learning on All Ports” 
  • It looks like these two options together will populate the Source MAC from ESXi instead of STC.

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