Spirent iTest/Velocity - What ports used by iTest/Velocity License Server?

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Version:    1.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    10/13/2020


This article describes which ports you need to open for the License Server to work if you are using a firewall.


Spirent iTest/Velocity License Server


License Server will use two TCP ports, one for lmgrd process and the other (random) for spirentd process. There isn’t a definitive range for the random port picked by vendor daemon (spirentd). Vendor daemon(spirentd) is a child process and having the same listener allows a connection to be handed from parent process (lmgrd) to child process. Lmgrd will listen for any incoming connections from the client and handles the initial contact, then passes the connection to spirentd.
When you launch iTest/Velocity(client), the client connects to the lmgrd port configured in the settings(port 27000), and then the connection is passed to “spirentd”. This vendor daemon(spirentd) grants the licenses to clients.

To check the ports for lmgrd and spirentd processes navigate to License Server folder and use following command: lsof -i -P -n | grep LISTEN 

If you want to use the desired port for FlexLM License Server Vendor Daemon (spirentd), follow below steps:
  1. Shutdown license server
  2. Change the license file by adding VENDOR spirentd port=x (Example: VENDOR spirentd port=39565)
  3. Open “x” port in the firewall  (optional if you use Firewall)
  4. Start license server

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